30 Day Encouragement Challenge: Day 23


Let your speech always be gracious. -Colossians 6:4

Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works.– Titus 2:7

Does the 30-Day Encouragement Challenge seem like hard work? Or is it becoming a pleasant exercise in genuine Christ-likeness within your home? You are only scratching the surface of ways to encourage your mate.

Is your husband organized? Is he diligent? Is he persistent? These are all related to a pattern of personal disciplines that are worthy of your praise. Affirm him for one or more of these traits that you see in him.

Some men have not developed these qualities because they are naturally more spontaneous. You can praise his spontaneity! Perhaps God has called you alongside to help him with disciplines he has not yet developed-but this does not include nagging. You can keep him organized.

Whatever the need, you can be your husband’s cheerleader, encouraging him when he wants to give up.

“I went to my husband with my concerns without nagging or complaining, and I humbled myself (which was a challenge) and said ‘I need your help, because I can’t do it alone.’ That very second, my husband hugged me and grabbed the vacuum and got to work. Thank you so much for your program!” – Amy

Self Reflection

Are you living a lifestyle that would naturally encourage discipline in your husband?


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